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Everything connected. Everyone on the same page.

Knowledge and communications are often fragmented into multiple channels and silos. Oqea offers integrated multi-channel communications to ensure that all relevant information is able to be stored, shared and re-discovered so that shared-understanding grows, nothing is lost and no effort is wasted.

Clinically Useful Actionable Insights

Wayfinder AI helps to tame the information overload and surface the important information for every participant in the patient journey. We call this Wayfinder AI or Wayfinder Actionable Insights.

Actionable Insights flows through to Risk mitigation – assessing, planning, monitoring, recognising deterioration, responding appropriately, providing comprehensive array of support options.

The Oqea Team

The co-founding directors of Oqea bring together extensive clinical expertise, health care administration and health technology development to deliver exceptional, disruptive and highly relevant wellbeing solutions.

Jarek has had dedicated training in both Child/Adolescent and General Psychiatry.

The developmental and systemic perspective enhanced his clinical approach and broader understanding of life. This was borne form his coalface experience working initially the West Australian Public Mental health system and the Juvenile Justice system.

He remains fascinated and inspired by how each individual can develop their healing menu for their personal growth and resilience.

Jarek has become passionate about the limitless possibilities that disruptive technology can offer participants in their own health journey to reach a better place beyond the predetermined state of their lives

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Anton has spent 12 years developing clinical software as the CEO of Clinical Excellence Technologies, drawing on 18 years experience as a Registered Nurse specialising in Mental Health.
A Certified SEO & Google Adwords Consultant, Anton is developer & owner of .
He is a Director and CTO of Oqea combining his passion for mental health, technology and business to lead the development of cloud-based solutions that empower patients and clinicians
to greater outcomes.
Anton is passionate about making a difference in the mental health space through technical innovation tempered by real-world understanding of clinical processes and consumer needs.

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Kenneth is a Psychiatrist with over 25 years of Clinical Experience.
He trained in Perth and as a Research Fellow at the Institute Of Psychiatry, London. Kenneth continues to work in both public and private psychiatry
and remains sustained by the unique narrative that everyone possesses.
He is committed to teaching and teamwork.He has been involved in a variety of teaching programmes including the post-graduate training of Psychiatrists in Western Australia.
He is intrigued and inspired by the novel use of disruptive technology to create a paradigmatic shift in the way mental health care will proceed for all.

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Dr Richard Magtengaard is a Consultant Psychiatrist with 15 years of clinical and administrative experience.
He served for 10 years as a Commissioned Officer with the Royal Australian Navy. Richard is the Director of the Military Trauma Recovery Programme across the Marian Centre Hospital and Salvado .
Richard is Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee at Marian Centre and active member of the Australasian Military Medical Association (AMMA). Richard remains resolute in his belief that the power to change comes from within and we are all stronger than our past. Richard is passionate about the future of disruptive health technology.

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Kyle completed his specialist training in psychiatry in Perth, Western Australia.Until recently, he garnered diverse clinical experiences across the public, private practice and Non-Government Organisation Sectors.He is now committed to developing a psychiatric career in the private practice with a ethos of validating patient choice and understanding.
Dr Hoath is at the vanguard of the generation of medical professionals who are at ease and fascinated by the powerful developments in modern medical and disruptive technology.
He believes that such developments must be utilised in the mental health arena to empower ones journey to a more welcoming outcome.

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Murray is a Consultant psychiatrist who trained in London and the Eastern States before challenging and broadening his experience in the remote region of the North-West of WA as the Clinical Lead and Director.

He currently is the Clinical Director of the Abbotsford Private hospital in Perth, WA where he has developed with clinical certitude that there are powerful tools that will aid recovery from within.

He is inspired by the potential that novel technological tools can only enhance this empowerment of recovery in the person.

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“In time we’ll make use of AI. But initially we just seek to make it easy to get comprehensive good quality data in and organize it well. ”

Making the important stuff, the Actionable Insights – Discoverable


Information is nothing without action. Wayfinder surfaces the Actionable Insights needed for positive change.

Best Practice

Best practice tools, resources and processes ensure every patient receive consistently good care.


Wayfinder enables and powers networks of support. Our systems are designed from the ground up for collaboration and sharing.


The journey toward optimal wellbeing rarely follow a straight predictable line. Wayfinder lets you track progress and rapidly respond to deterioration.

Total Wellbeing

Oqea are the experts in wellbeing software solutions. Delivering total mental well-being.

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