Dr Murray Chapman

Murray is an experienced leader and innovator in clinical and managerial arenas, who delights in getting things done. He is also an enabler and collaborator, knowing that it is only by communicating effectively as a team that anything lasting is really achieved. For these reasons,
throughout his career, both in Australia and the UK, he has has developed an eye for the collaborative opportunities that the current Digital Revolution offers.
Whether working in the far NW of Australia in the remote Kimberley outback, learning from the world’s longest continuous culture, or in the urban and refreshingly d-stigmatising Salvado private practice, it is his belief that the Fifth Industrial Revolution – Health 4.0 – Digital, and Health 5.0 – Personalised Health, offers us the capability to reach and assist in the lives of millions, in ways not previously dreamed about. In co-founding OQEA, Murray ha