Dr Jaroslaw (Jarek) Hryniewicki

Jarek has been a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrist (FRANZCP) since 1996.
He has also achieved dedicated Sub-Specialty Certification in Child Psychiatry and has become a Member of the subsections of Neurostimulation and Forensic Psychiatry.
The developmental and systemic perspective enhanced his clinical approach and broader understanding of life.
This was borne from his coalface experience working initially:
Within the West Australian and South Australian Public Mental Health System,;
State-wide Forensic Services
WA Juvenile Justice System (one of the initial leading clinicians) and Various positions within private Mental Health Services.
He has been sharing his clinical experience through extensive contacts with Postgraduate Psychiatry Training, individual supervision and broader CPD educational programs.
Jarek has become passionate about the limitless possibilities that disruptive technology can offer participants in their own health journey to reach a better place beyond the predetermined state of their lives. Such changes of paradigms of clinical care and empowerment of their users have been paving the future to a new style of medical well-being.

As a founding member of a private hospital in Western Australia he has been closely involved in piloting and implementing a range of IT solutions that created a platform for future developments and systems integrations.
Jarek is a founding member of Salvado (an innovative private Mental Health Services in Western Australia) and Oqea.
He brings to Oqea, not only over 25 years of general medical experience, broad knowledge of various aspects of Psychiatry, but also administrative skills, indepth understanding of Corporate Governance, business modelling and new developments in heath information technologies.
The patient-centred health information technology, connectivity and clinical care aided by flexible use of “artificial intelligence” and machine learning are the future of Medicine and Well-being
Jarek is enthused about such “disruptions” which will lead to improved (and safer) clinical care and the empowerment of participants to healthier lifestyle and social integration.