Dr Kenneth Orr

Dr Ken Orr completed his basic medical and specialist Fellowship in Psychiatry in Perth.
He has an innate curiosity of how the brain and mind interacts with the external world and remains sustained by learning and teaching.
He enjoyed his Research Fellowship at the Institute of Psychiatry, London where he saw how healthy collaboration and intellectual camaraderie could achieve goals.
He also experienced the fascination of scientific change and discovery with like-minded people.
Ken returned to Perth and has worked in both the public and private adult psychiatry settings but always involved in education, training and teaching to ever-varying degrees.
Just after 2000, he was involved in a project that explored the delivery of care and education during the germinal phase of digital technology.
Since then with the gargantuan advances of web-based technology, Ken has become more immersed and certain that digital disruption is the inevitable, boundless future that can take society closer to the ideal of the individual having choice and empowerment over their wellbeing and health.
That is only a new beginning.
He continues to learn and grapple and is chuffed to be part of Oqea.