Dr Richard Magtengaard

Dr Richard Magtengaard is a Consultant Psychiatrist with 15 years of clinical and administrative experience.
Dr Magtengaard served for 10 years as a Commissioned Officer (Bridge Watchkeeping and Navigation) with the Royal Australian Navy.
Richard is the Director of the Military Trauma Recovery Programme across 2 busy sites of care, namely Marian Centre Hospital (a 69 bed Tier 1 DVA Accredited private hospital in Wembley, Perth) and Salvado (an interdisciplinary setting of specialist care within Subiaco, Perth). This programme remains dedicated to assisting Defence Personnel, Veterans and other First Responder Organisations and their families, who have sustained physical and psychological traumas during the performance of their duties.
Richard values his role as Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee at Marian Centre Hospital and remains an active member of the Australasian Military Medical Association (AMMA).
He has developed lasting affiliations with ADF Joint Health Command (JHC), Returned Services League WA (RSLWA),  St John’s Ambulance (SJA), West Australian Police (WAPOL) and numerous other Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs).

Richard remains resolute in his belief that the power to change comes from within and we are all stronger than our past.
Richard has a number of family members who served our country within Defence and Police. Through lived experience, Richard possesses a keen appreciation of the need to support and assist our current serving personnel of the Australian Defence Force whether at home, abroad and transitioning to civilian life.
An integral part of assisting current and ex-serving personnel and their dependants is to help them secure the appropriate compensation, benefits and necessary assistance they are eligible legally to receive from Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).
Richard is passionate about the future of disruptive health technology.  He is a Foundation member of OQEA that is currently refining an innovative platform t0 better the well-being of participants.