COVID-19 and mental health in Australia: The government response

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Mental health: a government priority We know now that COVID-19 has affected both the mental and the physical health of Australians across the nation, and will continue to do so. The Australian government has clarified the priorities of their response to COVID-19; in the words of Ms. Christine Morgan, CEO of the National Mental [...]

The Trauma of COVID-19

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As Elyssa Barbash, Ph.D., wrote in a recent article in Psychology Today, “much has been said about [...] the all-consuming anxiety, panic, and fear that many are experiencing” in the coronavirus pandemic. In her view, something which “has not been discussed” is how “this pandemic is no doubt a psychological trauma crisis”.  What exactly [...]

COVID-19: Anger and suspicion in Australia

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These are unique and difficult times. The news is saturated with writing about the adverse impact of COVID-19 on mental health. Australia is no exception. Calls to mental health service Beyond Blue’s helplines have jumped “30% in the past two weeks [...] the organisation has launched a dedicated COVID-19 service”. As reported in The [...]

COVID-19: The psychology of panic in Australia

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Buying massive quantities of toilet paper is irrational and is an indication of panic Many in Australia continue to panic over news of the spreading coronavirus,  COVID-19.. As death is involved, we are not quick to judge such reactions. However, there is a consensus that panicky actions like the infamous bulk-buying of toilet paper [...]

Is it true that social media increases mental illness?

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Talk of the link between social media use and mental illness continues. Often in the context of teenagers. Why? For starters, there is a need for intervention. There’s much evidence for the idea that mental illness is rising among teens. See this graph from the US: (Data taken from the US National Survey on [...]